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Why Everyone Should Have a Wealth Management Advisor

Why Everyone Should Have a Wealth Management Advisor

August 23, 2018

Do you ever wonder if you are on the right financial path? But you think you do not have enough money to have a Wealth Management Advisor? This is where we can help. Many firms require high minimums that keep you from getting the help you deserve but at Du Charme Wealth Management, we help everyone – no matter where you are in life.

We know that in order to achieve your financial goals and dreams you need to start now, no matter where you are at financially. Need help getting out of debt? Or maybe you just don’t know where to start. With us, you can get started today!

Why go with a fiduciary?

We use the word fiduciary, you may have heard it before. But how does it relate to finances? Being a fiduciary financial advisor means that we are legally bound to do what is best for you. Did you know that not all financial advisors have that obligation? Depending on what licenses they hold, they may only be required to do what is suitable for you even though it may not be in your best interest.

All of the financial advisors at Du Charme Wealth Management, are licensed with a Series 65 license, which means they have committed to do what is best for you!

Are you a small business owner?

We pride ourselves in helping small business owners align their personal and business finances. Our focus is not on selling products, it is on coming up with holistic plans that cover your whole financial picture, including your business. So, what does that journey look like?

Let's get your financial house in order.

Your financial journey starts with a discovery meeting, in which one of our Fiduciary Advisors will take time to learn all about your values, your lifestyle, your business and what your hopes and dreams for the future are. We will take time to review the status of your revenue, expenses, and cash flow. Our planning and guidance includes everything to get your financial house in order, not just investments.

We’ll walk with you through this entire process by asking questions like:

  • What is your present income? Projected income?
  • What are your monthly expenses? What debts do you have?
  • Do you have insurance on your home, auto, life, etc.?
  • What savings, assets or investments do you currently have?
  • Do you have any possible health or external issues that might impact finances?
  • Do you have any dependents that you are responsible for?
  • What are your financial goals short, mid, and long-term?

After understanding where you are at now and what your goals are, we’ll map out a short, mid, and long-term strategy so that you can achieve your dreams!

We will organize everything into a clear net worth statement and plan that you understand.

You will also gain access to some amazing tools, such as a personalized client website – so you can see your financial picture at anytime from anywhere.

Are you ready?

If you’re ready to take a look at your dreams and how you’re going to fund them, we’re ready to help you put a strategy in place. To set up a free consultation with one of our fiduciary advisors, email or call (262) 505-5740. You may also get to know us by visiting our team page.