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Women and Financial Planning: Empowering Women and Bridging the Confidence Gap

Women and Financial Planning: Empowering Women and Bridging the Confidence Gap

March 22, 2018

March is Women's History Month and I have spent some time reflecting on how far our industry has come for women. Women are an important part of the finance world, not only in a business setting but also when it comes to taking charge of their own personal finances. We get it, women are smart and things do not need to be "dumbed" down for them. We love to empower women to be educated, involved and be an equal partner in their financial planning. 

My Story of Empowerment

I went to BYU-Idaho for Business Management-Finance and I was often one of two or three women in my classes. Oftentimes this left me feeling like a minority and unnoticed. But when it came time to graduate, I was awarded the Newel K. Whitney Exceptional Quality Graduate Award. Selected students are nominated by Business Management Department faculty who feel the student represents The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, University, and Department as an exemplary employable quality graduate. Specifically, students are honored for their character, diligence, and desire to build the Kingdom of God. I was shocked to realize that in a sea of men, I was being remembered and recognized by my professors. This is when I truly realized that I could make a difference in the world of finances.

Ellie Schneck, BYU-I Graduation 2012

Bridging the Gap

Although women have no more reason to lack confidence than men, only 20% of women say they feel prepared to make wise financial decisions(1). Furthermore, as few as 9% believed their investments could outperform men(2). But the truth is that women have fantastic financial instincts, studies show that female investors thrive and often outperform their male counterparts. Women have proven they have the patience, discipline and long term commitment it takes to persist through the ups and downs of the markets to achieve their financial plan. 

I always chuckle when men come in to meet with our financial advisors and then make comments such as, "I will have my wife get that over" or "my wife knows all the details". If it were up to us, we would always have women involved from the very beginning. So why is that most people do not get women involved in their financial planning? In my experience, women have the capability to be organized and understand the day to day happenings of their finances. 

We Empower Women

We help many women that do not have a male counterpart and we treat them the same as we would any other client. When there is a male counterpart, we strive to make sure that both partners are equally involved in the financial planning process. We educate everyone in the planning process, empowering both men and women to be involved and take charge of their financial future. Our clients are educated and involved in every step to make sure that we are helping them achieve their financial goals and dreams.  

We are Here to Help

If you are looking for a wealth management advisor who will empower you in your financial planning and always do what is best for you, then contact use to set up an appointment. Finances should not be scary and we aim to make it something that you can understand and feel confident about. 

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